Ayelet Waldman

New York Times Best-Selling Author
Daughter's Keeper
Sourcebooks Landmark
359 pages


Daughter's Keeper

When Olivia, wild-haired and headstrong, makes a terrible mistake, she must turn to the person least likely to help—her mother, Elaine.

Motherhood was a role that Elaine never embraced and her best never amounted to much. But now Olivia faces prosecution for a naïve connection to a drug deal and she needs Elaine more than ever. As the days count down and Olivia's future hangs in the balance, Elaine must decide just how much she is willing to give for a second chance with her daughter.



"A powerhouse novel of complex emotions so compelling that when I finished the book, I started over again."
—Amy Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club and The Bonesetter's Daughter

"Ayelet Waldman has brought the war on drugs home, and has shown us just how close to home it can come. Her mother and daughter reminded me of the women I most love and for whom I hold the greatest fear, those women and girls who fight tooth and nail, when their best hope lies in supporting each other. She looks past headlines and into the heart. What she finds there is hope for us all."
—Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of Carolina

"Waldman shapes outrage into a story that's always compelling, always compassionate-always so close to real that it feels like nonfiction."
—Dave Eggers, author of You Shall Know Our Velocity

"Be prepared to stay up all night. Daughter's Keeper is a zippily intelligent and emotionally charged peephole into the peculiar politics that govern motherhood and the American legal system."
—Heidi Julavits, author of Mineral Palace

"Smart and involving, Daughter's Keeper is a story of second chances, of reclaiming what has been lost, and of finding your way through the darkness and into the light."
—Gail Tsukiyama, author of Dreaming Water

"A riveting story, as generous as it is large; Waldman presents a tale that unfolds layer by layer, revealing the complexities of sacrifice and regret, along side that ultimate desire to DO RIGHT, in this triumph of mother-daughter love."
—Elizabeth Strout, author of Amy and Isabelle

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