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Ayelet Waldman
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All the Rage
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My Daughter's Mercury Poisoning from Tuna
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In Defense of the Western Mom
The Wall Street Journal (1.16.11)

Ayelet Waldman: "Red Hook Road"
The Diane Rehm Show, WAMU 88.5/NPR (7.13.10)

Notes & Words 2010
Musicians and Writers on Stage Together for Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland (5.6.10)

Ayelet Waldman on Acting Your Age
Mother Jones (November/December 2009)

Parents Burning to Write It All Down
The New York Times (10.16.09)

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong
Nigella.com (Nigella Loves, September 2009)

MoJo Podcast: "Bad Mother" Author Ayelet Waldman
Mother Jones (9.26.09)

Toronto to premiere Portman's 'Love'
Variety (8.13.09)

Mommie Dearest
Star Tribune (7.25.09)

What to Read Now. And Why
Newsweek (6.27.09)

Ayelet Waldman
Forum w/Michael Krasny (6.18.09)

The Writer's Life: Ayelet Waldman, 'Bad Mother'
Los Angeles Times (6.14.09)

Are you a good mother or a 'Bad Mother'?
The Today Show (5.7.09)

Ayelet Waldman's Memoir Of A 'Bad Mother'
Fresh Air with Terry Gross (5.5.09)

Q&A: Ayelet Waldman: Bad Mother
Time (5.8.09)

Who's a Bad Mother?
The Daily Beast (5.5.09)

Catching up with... Ayelet Waldman
San Francisco Chronicle (5.7.09)

'Bad Mother's' Day: Ayelet Waldman Takes On the Cultural Disquiet Over Parenting
Washington Post (5.5.09)

Who's Your (Bad) Mother? Ayelet Waldman Takes On The Art of Mothering
Huffington Post (5.4.09)

Ayelet Waldman: Precipitating the mother of all uproars
USA Today (4.29.09)

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