Articles by Ayelet


The Shame of Shuhada Street The Atlantic June 12, 2014

Monuments Men and Questions That Can’t Be Answered To whom does property belong when the people who once owned it have been exterminated? Time Magazine February 17, 2014

Getting Unstuck: Writers' Thoughts on Writer's Block Rookie Mag November 28, 2012

Is This Really Goodbye? Much has been said of Hillary Clinton (and little spared) during her two decades in the public eye. Now, as she prepares to step down as secretary of state, the most accomplished and, arguably, misunderstood woman in recent history insists she's done with public life for good. Ayelet Waldman joins Clinton on a tour of duty in Africa to find out if she means it. Marie Claire October 18, 2012

All the Rage The New York Times February 15, 2012

Ayelet Waldman: What I Read The Atlantic Wire June 14, 2011

In Defense of the Guilty, Ambivalent, Preoccupied Western Mom Ayelet Waldman on the virtues of letting kids quit, have sleepovers and find their own way. The Wall Street Journal January 16, 2011

Beware the Trap of 'Bore-geous' Writing Wall Street Journal November 27, 2010

Three Books For A More Honest Mother's Day May 7, 2010

Waking Up Middle Aged What happens when you hit 44 and realize you don't feel as old as you look? How to come to terms with the reflection in the mirror. Harper's Bazaar November 2009

Sexy Witch Or Cereal Box: Which Is Your Teen Girl? March 20, 2009

My Online Community Saved My Life December 3, 2008

Teen Girls — and a Mom — Fret Too Much July 19, 2007

In Praise of Normal Kids April 23, 2007

Challenge: Getting Kids to Eat, and Think, Right January 16, 2007

Truly, Madly, Guiltily New York Times March 27, 2005