Ayelet Waldman is a dynamic public speaker and has lectured on a broad range of topics including parenting, criminal justice, the Jewish experience, literature, and writing for film and television. She has appeared before a wide variety of literary audiences, community organizations and universities throughout the world, and on national radio and television. To schedule a book club appearance (in person, via Skype/Facetime, or by phone), email waldmanchabon@gmail.com.

Below are Ayelet's links to additional background material on the events depicted in her latest novel, Love and Treasure.

* The Story Behind Love and Treasure: Where did Ayelet get the idea to write Love and Treasure?

* Fact vs. Fiction: Learn more about the historical facts on which Love and Treasure was based, with links to additional information.

* Deleted Scene: Take an exclusive look at a scene written for Love and Treasure, but ultimately removed.

* Letter to a Jeweler: Meet an amazing survivor whom Ayelet encountered while researching Love and Treasure.

* Love and Treasure Discussion Questions: Perfect prep for your next book club meeting!

Thematically appropriate treats to serve at your book club meeting:

Dobos Torte, a decadent Hungarian delight, best enjoyed with strong coffee or Pálinka, a Hungarian sweet liqueur.

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