July 2001

This month's list is short, but in my defense, I did give birth on June 1. I had all this luxurious time for reading after my planned c-section, but due to the fabulous if foggy effects of Vicodin, all I managed to do was read the same article in Vogue over and over and over again. And I still don't know whether lipsticks are matte or glossy this summer. The Human Stain by Philip Roth I didn't want to like this book. Really I didn't. I mean, the man writes about prostates and fellatio. In the same sentence. But it was a wonderful book. Beautifully and even delicately written. Compelling. Sad as hell. Dating Big Bird by Laura Zigman I really don't plan to use this space to trash other writers. And hell, the book got published, so someone likes it. And I did finish it. It passed the time. 'Nuf said.